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By Roger Croxson

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Crystal Reflexology is not magical, but it is powerful, it takes its foundation from Reflexology and Crystal Healing. It is therefore based on the ideas that the body and the workings of the body, emotions and spirit are reflected in the feet; and that all of the body, emotions and spirit vibrate and that the natural vibrations of crystals can resonate within the body to aid healing.

There are many ways of using Crystals combined with Reflexology. Two methods, the first applying a single or a pair of terminated crystals (normally of the quartz family) to the feet, and the second producing layouts on the ground close to the feet, seem to cover most of the processes except for the use of Crystals around the body during a Reflexology session.

Crystal-Reflexology is based on the premise that it is not the healer that heals rather they act as a guide or catalyst for the person to heal themselves. There are of course situations where certain aspects of healing can provide very good results for symptomatic conditions. However this may not be the long term solution which can only come about after a change within the person, probably with several sessions of Complementary Medicine and counseling.

This booklet on Crystal Reflexology has come about from a deep interest in both forms of healing. I find the feet so fascinating in the way that they relay information and I find the power of Crystals to be so strong, beautiful and mystical that a combination seemed the next stage forward.

Although many people have been using Crystals and Reflexology for many years in a variety of forms there did not seem to be very much information available. After considering the problem for some time I realised that the information was available. During several meditation periods I found I had been given the basis for this booklet and assistance in using the two therapies together. This I then supported with study and practice. However, there is still much more work, practice and investigation to be completed.

I am sure that as more work is undertaken that more information will be passed onto us in a variety of ways. This for me is the beginning and the chance to assist the Earth towards a better future, I hope it can be part of your journey as well.

This introduction can only touch the surface, there is still a lot of work to be done to find more efficient methods, more work on Meridians, elements, Chinese Elements and the nervous systems. Many of the processes described appear to be for symptomatic or acute cases, this is only the beginning. For long term and chronic cases the same processes can be used, with different Crystals as the situation changes. It is important to look at the whole person, and aid the whole person to start to heal themselves. I consider that Crystal-Reflexology can act as a catalyst and that it is important to allow the person time for changes to take place.

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Contents of Crystal-Reflexology

* Introduction
* Personal and Client Preparation
* A Brief Look at the Foot
* A Brief Look at Crystal Healing
* Protocol
* Crystal Reflexology
* The Linking Approach
* Using a Pair of Crystals
* Chakras & Endocrine Systems
* Using Stones on the Chakras
* Wands
* Meridians
* Auric Massage
* Crystal Work During a Reflexology Treatment
* Using Created Colour
* Feet on the Ground: Introduction
* Crystal Grids
* Crystals and Gemstone Layouts
* End word or The Beginning

The 28-page booklet is 8-1/4 x 5-3/4 inches - A5, ISBN 1-901423-01-8, 28 pages and includes nine diagrams and tables (see example above) to ensure a crystal-clear understanding of the methodology presented.

To Order Crystal Reflexology, Click on the Email Link Below. This book costs UK Pounds 3.50 or US Dollars 5.00 plus postage. Cheques in UK Pounds payable through a UK bank. Or at your risk cash in Pounds or Dollars.

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