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Crystal Healing

Roger has written about Crystal Healing in two books, The Beginners Guide to Crystal Healing, and The Teach Yourself Guide to Crystal Healing, both published by Hodder Headline. These provide a safe and solid grounding in the subject.

In my opinion Crystal Healing is the promotion of improved health by the use of different types of crystals in variety of techniques. Added to this is the energy that is already around us and the energy that is channeled by the healer and client. The act of the healing session in itself can have very beneficial effects and adding the crystals which have the ability to transform energy provides even more assistance. The way we look at health includes the whole person, their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Crystals work in many ways. Scientists have not yet provided an acceptable (to the conventional medical world) analysis of Crystal Healing. However, one way to look at crystals that incorporates many different possibilities is the Theory of Resonance, this says that when one object is vibrating at a certain rate it will effect others that have the capability of vibrating at the same rate. The most common examples are when one note on a piano is struck, the others in octave will vibrate. Another is where lots of pendulum clocks are placed on a wall and after a while they will all tend to swing at the same time.

How does this apply to crystals? - Well, according to Einstein everything vibrates, this includes all parts of the body, including the mind. Every crystal also vibrates. Now if we take the idea that a healthy part of the body vibrates at a given rate but when it becomes unhealthy it vibrates at a different rate then by applying a specific crystal with a healthy vibration rate the part of the body that is unwell is reminded of the rate it should be vibrating at and will tend to change its vibration back to the healthy level.

This is a very simplified idea, but it begins to show the ideas behind crystal healing. Another vibrational approach is through colour. Each colour of the spectrum has a give rate of vibration and by applying particular colours to the body, the body starts to change its own vibrations to match the colour. Examples of this are when rooms are decorated with specific colours, for instance red rooms lead to anger and violence but blue rooms lead to more peaceful behaviour. This process can be applied to crystals in a very general form where blue stones are used to decrease redness such as swelling and red stones are used to increase energy such as improving blood flow.

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