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Although Shamanic healing may bring to mind North American Indians, it is a term that encompasses many societies around the world, both historical and contemporary.

Life is changing, many people feel it is speeding up. People are changing in many ways, but, most importantly they are realizing that there is more to life than just materialism, and that they need some form of inner strength to aid them through their lives.

Shamanic healing can help find this inner strength, and to find other paths as well as those suggested by the media in our everyday lives.

It can assist you to make contact and then to build a continuing relationship with your inner and outer guides. It is not a religion in itself, but it can help you access your own spiritual path, whatever you choose that to be.

It works by enabling each individual to change their perception of reality, when they want to, by a very small degree. A sufficient degree to access other realms and realities where help, assistance, the past and the future reside. It is not hypnosis or unconsciousness, the individual can return to the current reality at any time during the session.

The work is to do with assisting the individual, it does not provide instant answers to problems, there may be suggestions, but it works by assisting the individual to use all the facilities that are available to them, which have been lost in our society. After each session Roger is available to assist by telephone if any questions or queries arise.

At one time all Shamanic work was considered the role of the Shaman. Now, with a change in attitude and an urgency for people to help themselves, these practices can be used by everyone, with only the guiding hand to help them find the right path.

The processes used in Shamanic Healing include Soul Retrieval and Medicine Wheels which are not used in isolation rather in an inexhaustible number of combinations.

Medicine Wheels are built to suit the needs of the moment, or for longer periods. It can be made outside or inside, and has various components that help us to link into aspects of our lives that we want to look at. It can be used as a way of planning the next year or your whole life. It can look at twenty four hours. It can assist in linking with the elements, with nature as a guide and support for our lives. It can be used to work on certain aspects of our lives that need to be sorted out or clarified. It can be used to give us strength when it is most needed. It can be used to celebrate and to thank. It can be used to celebrate the seasons and great festivals of our culture. The Wheel can also be used to find parts of ourselves such as our feminine or masculine beings, our inner child and our Power Animals as well as other components that are important at the time.

As we live in the twenty first century the Medicine Wheel used has been adapted for our western world. We do not go chasing down the High Street after a moving food source (unless it is the Fish & Chip Van!), and the time spent with the wheel is relatively short to fit in with our lifestyles.

When working or celebrating with the Medicine Wheel either in a group or with an individual, everyone is asked to bring something to place on the Wheel, a crystal, photo or flowers. Normally something relevant to what is happening in their lives at the time.

The Medicine Wheel can bring about a feeling of connectedness to everything, a sense of relief and a movement within ones soul. It is not a religion but a useful tool on our passage and journey through life.

Soul Retrieval may sound rather strange,
but it is something that in one way or another
every person would probably benefit from.

Soul Retrieval is a part of what is commonly referred to as Shamanism. It is one process that can be used in the modern world; in many ways it is of more importance now than ever before. Many people do not feel whole; they feel and say that there is something missing from either their lives of themselves. This missing something is very rarely identifiable by the individual. The missing part is often of the person which for a variety of reasons has left to live somewhere else.

Add to this the loss of Spiritual Integrity, close family ties and supportive communities and the feeling can grow and more parts of the being can dissipate. The losses are often caused by trauma and stress and are not always noticeable at the time. When the individual has to deal with these situations on their own then there is a strong chance that there will be some form of loss. The loss is from the subtle Energy of the person, from their Soul, the energy field that makes the person who they are.

Fortunately Soul Retrieval can help regain some or all of these missing parts, helping the individual to feel whole again.

Soul Retrieval is undertaken with the retriever (Roger) and the client. There is a certain amount of ritual to set the scene and to provide the background and security needed in performing these actions. In order to reduce the risk of influence very few questions are asked at the beginning. A basic cleansing ceremony is conducted using burning herbs known as Smudging. The energies of the elements are asked to join, those of fire, water, air and earth which help return us to our natural state.

The client and Roger sit or lie next to each other, touching at various points along the body. The client is asked to sit quietly, relax and just be in the moment. The retriever uses drumming to go into a meditative state where they search for the lost parts of the client. This stage lasts for nearly 30 minutes. At the end of this time Roger stops meditating and returns to the room.

They may have brought back some parts of the client which are then blown into the top of the head or into the heart. The client is then given a few moments to start to incorporate these. The retriever now recalls their meditation, which normally is a journey where they may have met all sorts of things and been to all sorts of places. The details may be immediately recognizable by the client, or they may be in parable form where there meaning may come to them later. Roger relays his journey and this is recorded onto a cassette for the client to play again later.

The client is encourages to talk about any areas that have a strong meaning. After thanking the energies the session is closed. A session normally lasts for one and one half hours.

An important part of Soul Retrieval is afterwards. It can take several months for the effect to be fully integrated into the individual. During that time they can undergo many changes. So, after a Soul Retrieval return visits are recommended every two or three weeks for up to six visits. During these the client may be taken on meditational journeys and other shamanic methods of assisting with the return of the their lost parts.

Roger also provides telephone support for clients.




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